Zero Smog 20T T0053670699N

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  • Up to 20 FE soldering irons can be connected
  • Electric driven, maintenance free turbine produces the required vacuum
  • Mobile unit for central and stand alone applications
  • Central installation for 50 mm pipe systems up to 200 m (656 ft.) length possible.
  • For use with pipe systems up to 200 m (7874 in)
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ZS 20T fume extraction unit 230 V / 50 Hz


Technical data
Height 695mm
Length 450mm
Dimensions L x W x H 450.0 x 450.0 x 695.0mm
Compact Filter Particle filter H13, broadband gas filter (50% activated carbon + 50% Chemisorb)
Compatible Nozzle WX
ESD Safe Yes
Maximum Blower Vacuum (Pa) 10,000 Pa
Maximum Capacity 1–20 Workstations
Power 530 VA
UPC 4003019428830
USB The USB port can be used to load firmware updates, run efficiency tests and log data. Do not leave the USB medium inserted for longer than 2 minutes. After this time expires, the USB module will switch off automatically.


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Zero Smog 20T T0053670699N
£3,838.85 (excluding VAT)