Zero Smog 4V Kit 1 Nozzle T0053663699N

£1,833.13 (excluding VAT)

  • Energy-efficient fume extraction system purifies air at up to 4 workplaces, included nozzle for applications where a precise area must be extracted from above or where there is limited space at the workbench
  • Equipped with HEPA H13 particle filter and Fine dust pre-filter F7
  • Constant Flow Control (CFC) guarantees automatic air flow regulation for each working place independent of the connected workplaces
  • Electronic filter control with optical and acoustical filter alarm
  • Low noise emission levels for quiet workspace
  • RS232 port, can be remotely controlled via remote control (optional accessory) or by a PC with RS232 connection
  • Efficiency test via USB port
  • 4 casters to allow easy movement of the unit
  • For connection to a WX / WT station a T0058768767 WT Hub is needed

Breathe clean air without dangerous fumes and particles. Weller filtration systems are specially designed for continuous use in industrial work environments. The high quality HEPA H13 filters clean the air from hazardous vapours, particles and viruses. Therefore, recirculating the clean air back into the workplace ensuring a safe work environment. The small footprint design fits under the bench to free up the operator workspace.


Technical data
Height 505mm
Length 345mm
Dimensions L x W x H 345.0 x 325.0 x 505.0mm
Compact Filter Particle filter H13, broadband gas filter (50% activated carbon + 50% Chemisorb)
Compatible Nozzle WX WT
ESD Safe Yes
Maximum Blower Vacuum (Pa) 3,800 Pa
Maximum Capacity 1–4 Workstations
Power 275 VA
UPC 4003019426478
USB The USB port can be used to load firmware updates, run efficiency tests and log data. Do not leave the USB medium inserted for longer than 2 minutes. After this time expires, the USB module will switch off automatically.


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Zero Smog 4V Kit 1 Nozzle T0053663699N
£1,833.13 (excluding VAT)