Megadora Ordinary Driver No.900 (+2×100) 125706 JIS

£6.70 (excluding VAT)

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Designation Cutting edge size Axis lengthmm Shaft diametermm Handle diametermm Overall body lengthmm Interior quantity Exterior Quantity JAN


(+)2 100 6.4 34 210 6 60 4907587108029


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Megadora Ordinary Driver No.900 (+2×100)
Megadora Ordinary Driver

Easy-to-use flagship driver

-Flat surface grip with cushioning on the diagonal part of the hexagonal cross-section.
-The knurling of the shaft is convenient because it can be used to prevent fingers from slipping when turning quickly and to expand holes in trees and boards.
-NEW Joe’s fit that captures the screw tightly and does not let go.





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Megadora Ordinary Driver No.900 (+2×100) 125706 JIS
£6.70 (excluding VAT)