Maestro 4S/450 PCB Separator 8936800

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Stress-free separation of pre-scored PCBs

The MAESTRO 4S separates both large and small PCBs quickly, economically, and without stress. Cutting with only a single traverse of the pre-scored groove causes tensile and compressive stresses that can damage sensitive components near the groove. Even a second traverse of the groove accompanied by an adjustment of the blade distance substantially reduces the tensile and compressive stresses. This significantly improves the quality of the populated PCBs.

The most important features:

  • The blade distance is entered on the operating panel and its adjustment is motor-powered.
  • Up to nine programs can be stored.
  • The materials used for PCBs are FR4 and aluminum
  • The continuously adjustable separation length is set with limit switches.
  • The accumulated cutting performance is displayed for the purpose of scheduling preventive maintenance of the blade

For separating aluminum with the MAESTRO 4S we recommend using the FR4 circular blade with special blade settings. More information is in the operation manual.

Various aluminum alloys are used in the manufacture of PCBs. We recommend submitting sample PCBs with the order in order to optimize the cutting geometry and for the correct adjustment of the circular blades.

4S/450 4S/600
Separation type Component side: circular blade
Solder side: linear blade
Operation optimized motor driven
Separation speed 300/500 mm/s switchable
Material FR4, aluminum
Height of components Solder and component sides up to 34 mm
Continuously adjustable separation length up to 450 mm up to 600 mm
Width of supporting table 200 mm
Start Traverse to starting position
Programs 9
Separation steps 1-5
Blade distance 0.9 mm up to 0.05 mm
Key switch button Release program selection
Cutting performance display up to 99 km
DEL Reset step count
Power switch ON / OFF
Foot switch START Operation
Safety switch Emergency stop
Voltage 100–240 V~ 50/60 Hz, PFC
Emission sound pressure level  LpA < 70 dB (A)
Temperature/humidity: operation
Temperature/humidity: storage
Temperature/humidity: transport
+5–40°C/10–85% not condensing
0–60°C/20–80% not condensing
-25–60°C/20–80% not condensing
Weight 38 kg 46 kg
Height x Depth 434 x 425 mm
Width 702 mm 852 mm
Approval CE, FCC class A

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Maestro 4S/450 PCB Separator 8936800
£5,546.30 (excluding VAT)